Benz Woodworks is known for fine craftsmanship, simple aesthetic & rich, warm finish. Benz’s handmade hardwood cutting boards are hand-shaped, beveled & finished for a natural appeal. Each piece is a unique art object designed for aesthetic & instrumental enjoyment.

Upholding a family tradition, Zach Benz has crafted fine wood pieces for over a decade, which he began giving as home gifts during travels abroad. He finds artistic influence & inspiration from his world travels & the surroundings of his workshop in the verdant hillsides of Woodstock, Vermont.

TEL (802) 356-0196

IMPORTANT NOTE: Products shown on this portfolio website are only for demonstration purposes. Actual product sizing, style, color and/or finish may vary slightly from that displayed on your computer monitor. We invite you to visit our online shop to view specific products available for sale.
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